10 novembre 2012

Communicating EU Research Innovation. A guide for participants.

Communicating EU Research Innovation. A guide for project participants.[PDF]
This short guide will assist participants and coordinators of Framework Programme projects to communicate strategically about their research

What we call here "communication" is more than just an additional reporting burden.

Europe’s future economic growth and jobs will increasingly have to come from innovation in products, services and business models.

There is an enormous difference between communication strategically planned with these objectives in mind and ad hoc efforts for the sake of meeting contractual requirements.

How often do we hear people say "let’s make a video to inform everyone" before
giving any thought to what is to be achieved? How often do we resort to facts and figures, assuming they will be enough to convince people? Your contractual obligations are important, but communication is not an end in itself and quality is expected.
    Table of Contents
  1. Communication, why?
  2. What is formally required?
  3. Build your own communication strategy – a checklist
  4. Good practices from projects like yours
  5. How can we help you?
  6. Sources and resources

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