19 settembre 2014

There has been a fatal accident in the Sardinian cave, site of ESA’s astronaut training course

Corpo Nazionale Soccorso Alpino e Speleologico (CNSAS), the Italian national alpine and speleological rescue organisation has reported that a fatal accident happened in a Sardinian cave, Italy, on September 18. This is the location where  ESA’s CAVES training course took place. 
The cave had been the site of ESA’s astronaut training course, but the astronauts  had already left the cave several hours before the accident. The victim, Luigi Mereu, 32 years old, was a member of the local speleologist group Gruppo Grotte Nuorese that was helping with equipment transfer out of the cave. 
All participants on the ESA course are immeasurably saddened by the accident.
Out of respect for the deceased, ESA has stopped regular communication activities for CAVES. ESA will carefully evaluate the results of the accident investigation before taking any decisions on further actions.
We join in grieving with the family and friends of the deceased for their tragic loss.

Fatal accident in Sardinia caves

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