29 aprile 2022

Climate investigation Grant 2022 call for applications for European Science Journalists

The EFSJ, in partnership with the BNP Paribas Foundation, is launching the third edition of its climate investigation grant for European science journalists. The purpose of this grant is to encourage ambitious field investigations focused on understanding of the climate, adaptation to climate change, and different mitigation strategies.
The applicants must be professional journalists (print, radio, TV, web...), and be based in Europe (EU and all other countries in Europe). Projects must be submitted by their authors, no follow-up will be given to requests filed by an organisation.
This is a investigative grant: projects already published cannot be awarded grants. The jury, composed of journalists and scientists, will view transnational and transmedia collaborative projects particularly favourably. The application but must be submitted to the jury in English. A letter of support from a media organisation is strongly recommended.
The projects (articles, videos, podcasts...) can be published in any language. The EFSJ will take care of translating the publications in English.

ONLINE REGISTRATIONS FROM 18/04/2022 to 12/06/2022

The winner will be announced at the European Conference for Science Journalists on 13th of July 2022, during the EuroScience Open Forum (ESOF).

Depending on applications received, one to three projects may be awarded grants, up to a total of 12,000 euros. For more information, please read the rules of the EFSJ Climate Grant.

Authors may submit their application online on the website efsj.eu/climategrant as follows: Create one file with the three required documents and compress it in zip format to be upload in the application form.
1. The project file, written in English, in PDF format (A4 format, within the strict limit of 5 pages maximum, with a size not exceeding 5 MB), which must include:
● a letter of introduction to the jury;
● a detailed synopsis of the project;
● a projected budget (travel, equipment, other expenses...);
● a sworn declaration certifying that the submitted project has not already been published;
● a letter of support from a media organisation is strongly recommended.
2. The author(s) CV(s) in PDF format, maximum 2 pages for each CV, in A4 format.
3. The rules of the ESFJ climate grant signed by the author(s).

The composition of the jury, which is being finalised, will include 2020 EFSJClimateGrant laureates; one or two researchers on climate-related disciplines; Magali Reinert (science journalist, secretary of the European federation forscience journalism, EFSJ and Krijn Soeteman (science journalist, president of the European federation for science journalism, EFSJ).
For the EFSJ Climate Grant the jury will take into account: the originality of the subject, its importance, its scientific relevance, the envisaged journalistic approach, its feasibility, possible international collaborations, and the transmedia dimension of the project. The jury’s decision is final.

  • An author can only participate in one application.
  • The rules of the climate research grant can be read here
  • Contact and information: secretary@efsj.eu
Climate Grant Application