Science journalism Vs Science Blog (Nature, 18 March 2009)

science blogging
Science journalism: Supplanting the old media?
Science journalism is in decline; science blogging is growing fast.
But can the one replace the other, asks Geoff Brumfiel.

John Timmer's slide into journalism was so gradual even he can't put his finger on the point at which he stopped being a researcher.
He started reading Internet websites and message boards a decade ago, while he was working as a postdoc in a developmental neurobiology lab at the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York. One day, one of his favourite sites, Ars Technica, announced that it was looking for someone to help with its science coverage. It was 2005, and a school board in Dover, Pennsylvania, had gone to court over the promotion of intelligent design. "I thought, wow, it really feels like the public has completely lost touch with what science is all about," says Timmer. "So I basically e-mailed the existing author and volunteered."

Nature 458, 274-277 (18 March 2009)


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