Bear Grylls Interview: Survival Academy, dangerous situations, Scouting experience and Sardinia

Mr. Grylls, tell me about your Survival Academy. Who can participate? «It is open to anyone who aspires to learn 100% practical survival skills that one day could save their life! The course focuses on the dynamic survival that people see me execute on Man Vs Wild.»

You've been in some pretty tough situations: what has been the most difficult moment? «Probably dropped in the middle of Siberia in winter - it is unforgiving! But there have been so many jungles, swamps and mountains that have tested me to my limits and I definitely look back on a lot of narrow escapes with gratitude for life!»

In what way does Scouting contribute to your professional life? «It gives young people and me included, good solid principles on which to live my life and follow my adventures - from understanding about cheerfulness in adversity to being properly prepared for expeditions. Life and outdoor skills so often cross over and this is the genius of scouting.»

Have you been to Sardinia? «No, but it is on my bucket list!!»

Andrea Mameli, 28 Dec. 2012

You can find the italian translation of my interview to Bear Grylls on the newspaper L'Unione Sarda: "Con Bear Grylls nella giungla di tutti i giorni" (L'Unione Sarda, Cultura, 28 Dicembre 2012)


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