Watering plants with social networks. Jardimpu and the intelligent irrigation.

How to Water Plants while you're away? Is this a crucial question for many people. An expert of programming and electronics, Alberto Serra, shows a solution called Jardimpu.

Alberto Serra, what is Jardimpu?
«It's a prototype of a intelligent irrigation based on sensors and managed by Social Networks. The word Jardimpu is a contraction of "Jardim" (Garden in Portuguese) with the names "Arduino" and "Paraimpu".»

What is the inspiring idea?
«About a year ago, knowing how Arduino and Paraimpu runs, I thought to make an intelligent irrigation system for my garden, in order monitoring conditions (temperature, humidity, soil moisture, light, level of water) of my plants. In particular the Dionaea muscipula. My idea was to create a “social gardening”, which allows other people to activate the drippers, to watch plants in a live streaming and to control living parameters. This system does not represent an absolute novelty but to share data I use Paraimpu then all is more "social".»

How you obtain the Jardimpu project?
«You must use: Arduino + Ethernet Shield, sensor temperature and humidity air, soil moisture sensor, an IP webcam, a system of pipes, pumps and drippers, an electrovalve for irrigation, components and cables for Arduino.»

How we can interact with Jardimpu?
«Using Twitter write a message with "#jardimpu" and ON/OFF (LIGHTON/LIGHTOFF for the nightlight only).
A light will signal that the drippers are up and running.
Example "ON": "Plants need water!! #jardimpu ON"
Example "OFF": "Plants are ok!! #jardimpu OFF"
*Jardimpu goes automatically OFF after 3 minutes

Hot it runs?
«You can find schemes of work, instructions and tips, in the website: jardimpu.blogspot.it and in the video shown below»

PS Jardimpu has been chosen by OFL Architecture (Francesco Lipari, Vanessa Todaro, Federico Giacomarra) into a project called St. Horto (where the two words “Horto” and “St” they give at the same time the idea of a sacred, intimate garden and of something crooked, apparently disordered but full of life, just like a plant). This project won the prize Hortocontest: competition of ideas for the arrangement of terrace Lanificio Factory, Rome. The innovative feature of St. Horto is definitely its integration with the 2.0 technology through a customized project. Inspired by other projects of interactive gardens with sensors and thanks to the direct experience of Alberto Serra, creator of Jardimpu, it consist of a technology allowing realtime monitoring of the growing plants in the garden, through the use of hardware tools (Arduino with sensors and webcam) and software.
Andrea Mameli www.linguaggiomacchina.it December 7 2012


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