07 giugno 2021

The Bertha Challenge: premio giornalismo investigativo. Scadenza: 3 Luglio 2021

Se molte cose funzionano meglio, se molte ingiustizie sono state cancellate, se molti diritti sono stati rivendicati e se molto territorio naturale è stato salvato, lo dobbiamo al giornalismo investigativo. Ecco perché trovo questa iniziativa della Fondazione Bertha estremamente importante.

The Bertha Challenge offre a giornalisti/e d'inchiesta e attivisti/e una Borsa di studio (pagata fino a 62 mila Dollari + risorse aggiuntive per spese inrerenti la realizzazione del progetto + 10 mila Dollari per produrre articoli o video o podcast o giochi o produzioni teatrali. L'obiettivo è indagare sulle minacce alla risorsa acqua. Durata: un anno, totalmente a distanza. La scadenza per partecipare è il 3 Luglio 2021. Bando: The Bertha Challenge 2022

The Bertha Challenge. Fellowships for Activists and Investigative Journalists
The Bertha Challenge is an opportunity for activists and investigative journalists to spend a year focussing on one pressing social justice issue.
Successful applicants receive a non-residential paid fellowship and a project budget to work independently and together to investigate the causes of and solutions to the annual Bertha Challenge question.
The Fellowships offer:

  • Income for each Bertha Fellow for one year, not exceeding USD $62,400 and commensurate with the applicant’s current or equivalent salary at the host organization ideally a media outlet for an investigative journalist and an NGO, community organization or social movement for an activist.
  • A Project Fund of up to USD $10,000 for each Bertha Fellow to produce a culminating product that responds to the question posed by the Bertha Challenge, and that is directed towards a specific audience. This could be, for example, a series of articles, videos, podcasts, games or drama productions. Activists and journalists working as a pair will have the option to pool their project funding to produce projects on a larger scale.
  • A Connect Fund of to USD $5,000 for each Bertha Fellow specifically designed to encourage collaboration between Fellows.
  • Regular online discussions with topics on a range of issues from current debates around water preservation to methods of investigation, methods of communicating findings through news media, storytelling, popular education and more.
  • Peer and mentor support in the form of regular virtual check-ins with Bertha staff and a cohort of Bertha Fellows.
  • Network development through the global cohort of past and present Bertha Fellows and exposure to relevant partners within and beyond the Bertha network, including our legal partners in the Bertha Justice Network, many of whom are at the forefront of creating legal strategies to address the climate crisis.
  • Global convenings of Bertha Fellows and selected guests at the start (January 2022) and end (December 2022) of the Bertha Challenge.

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