27 marzo 2011

GREEN WEEK 2011 "Resource Efficiency. Using less, living better"

Green Week 2011 The 11th edition of GREEN WEEK 2011 , the biggest annual conference on European environment policy, will take place from 24 to 27 May 2011 in Brussels and around Europe. This year's theme is "Resource Efficiency - Using less, living better".
What is Resource Efficiency?
Over some 40 sessions, the conference will address the problem of resource depletion and scarcity, and the challenges and opportunities presented by constraints on resources. The conference will also showcase public and private strategies that are promoting a shift towards lower carbon use and a more efficient use of resources.
Green Week offers a unique opportunity for debate and exchanges of experience and best practice. Over the past decade, the conference has established itself as an unmissable event for anyone involved with protecting Europe's environment.
The 2010 edition attracted some 3400 participants from government, business and industry, non-governmental organisations, academia and the media. Green Week is open to the public and participation is free of charge.
We look forward to welcoming you to Green Week 2011!
The Green Week Team

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