20 dicembre 2011

What are scientists’ goals for using the internet? Kevin Zelnio on Scientific American blog (dec. 19, 2011)

"The Message reign over the Medium" (Kevin Zelnio, Scientifican American blog, December 19, 2011).
"There is no doubt that increasing the number of people exposed to, and involved in, online science outreach will only benefit the future of science and science communication. But the world is not yet ready for complete switch from offline to online information and inspiration. Often, those with the ability to access online science content are already predisposed to seeking out this type material. Same goes for those who seek out content on certain platforms. Pluralistic approaches that target the groups needing the information or exposure to science in your community goes a long ways. They key is to keep the message consistent and hammer it in from as many approaches as possible" (Kevin Zelnio).

About the Author: Kevin Zelnio is a marine biologist by training and is now a freelance science writer, independent scientist and science communications strategist living in beautiful coastal North Carolina. He has studied the ecology and evolution of animals living around underwater volcanoes and described several new species of deep-sea invertebrates.

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