11 giugno 2012

The Leaf Butterfly, Sa Dom'e sa Mariposa (The house of butterflies) San Gavino Monreale, Sardinia Island.

The picture I have taken in the living museum Sa Dom'e sa Mariposa (The house of butterflies, San Gavino Monreale, Sardinia Island) shows a Leaf Butterfly sucking the juice from rotten fruits through the proboscis from a human finger.
The Leaf Butterfly or Dead Leaf Butterfly (Kallima inachus), a butterfly belonging to the family Nymphalidae, has the ability to disguise itself in a pile of leaves.
When the butterfly alights on a branch, it blends in with the tree's foliage. The interior wings of the Leaf butterfly exhibit brilliant sapphire shades with bright orange.
The outer portion of the wings have dull brown and tan coloring that enable the butterfly to camouflage itself amid dead or dying leaves. When the butterfly feels threatened, it will fold its wings tightly together to give predators the impression that it is a simple leaf. Each butterfly has its own individual coloring and patterns that differ slightly from each other.

Andrea Mameli, 11 June 2012 www.linguaggiomacchina.it

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