06 maggio 2013

Jorge Iniguez: Masterclass in Materiali Ferroelettrici, Magnetoelettrici e Multiferroici

Jorge Iniguez, direttore dell'istituto di scienza dei materiali (ICMAB) terrà due lezioni (Masterclass) in Materiali Ferroelettrici, Magnetoelettrici e Multiferroici al Dipartimento di Fisica dell'Università di Cagliari, in qualità di Visiting Professor.

La prima lezione, in programma il 9 Maggio (Aula A, ore 16:00), avrà per titolo: "Ferroelectrics and related functional oxides: from basic concepts to predictive models for complex materials". Abstract. Ferroelectrics and related functional oxides: from basic concepts to predictive models for complex materials I will introduce the physics of ferroelectrics and related materials (dielectrics, piezoelectrics) that present non trivial lattice dynamical properties. I will focus on ferroelectric perovskite oxides, and discuss the simplest physical models that allow us to simulate their polar transition in an atomistic and realistic way. Then, I will review the most important effects (associated e.g. with chemical disor der and nano structuring) that can lead to spectacular enhancements of the key properties of these materials. I will be mainly interested in the study of ferroelectrics from first principles at the relevant conditions of temperature, pressure, etc.; hence, this lecture will also feature ideas for achieving large scale atomistic simulations with quantum mechanical accuracy and predictive power, many of which are of general applicability.

La seconda lezione sarà il 16 Maggio (sempre Aula A alle 16:00) e si intitolerà: "Magnetoelectric multiferroics: from the fundamental mechanisms to materials design".
Abstract: I will introduce magnetoelectric and magnetoelectric multiferroic compounds, focusing on the physical mechanisms that allow us to control their magnetic properties by means of applied electric fields. Then, I will describe the theory and methods needed to run predictive first principles calculations of magnetoelectric effects, and illustrate them with representative examples of application. Finally, to put the ideas in action, I will discuss the problem of designing materials that present a robust magnetoelectric response at room temperature, and briefly present several alternatives from my own work.

Per informazioni: Giorgia Maria Lopez lopez@dsf.unica.it
Andrea Mameli www.linguaggiomacchina.it

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