18 luglio 2014

IoT + Arduino Yún = a revolutionary idea (and a very interesting book)

This is one of the most interesting books I have ever read, in the field of technical handbooks. 
The central argument of Internet of Things with the Arduino Yún is Arduino: is one of the greatest emerging technologies at the moment. 
Why this open source hardware project is important? Because, in my humble opinion, the use of an electronics platform based on a micro controller available to public with open source license is something of revolutionary. 
With the help of this book we can build "Projects to help you build a world of smarter things" as the subtitle suggests.
This book is organised into two areas: 1) What do you need for this book (an Arduino YÚN board) and 2) the four projects: Building a Weather Station Connected to the Cloud, Creating a Remote Energy Monitoring and Control Device, Making Your Own Cloud-connected Camera, Wi-Fi-controlled Mobile Robot.
This book will be used as a handy reference work that is ideal to put hands into the IoT.  I'll show you my projects, when I will finish...
A few words on the autor: Marco Schwartz is an entrepreneur, electrical engineer and blogger; domains of expertise: embedded electronics, home automation devices, robotics, artificial intelligence. "I also believe - he wrote on his website - that location-independent businesses are the way of the future and you will usually find me traveling around the world while running my businesses from my laptop."

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