07 maggio 2022

Standup comedy, the experience (Cagliari, May 6, 2022)

 "Comedy's the most narcissistic thing in the world. Thinking a room full of people should be looking directly at you, you're the only one who has an amplified voice, and they all just shut up, it's so narcissistic. These people who feel isolated or abandoned, they see that as an opportunity for everybody to listen to them. But you have to have something worth listening to." [Drew Harmon, comedian and former TV weatherman, in An SF comedian on why the Joker is a total stand-up hack Dan Gentile (Oct. 6, 2019)]

Il 6 Maggio 2022 allo 040 di Cagliari: la mia prima Standup Comedy experience. 

Foto: Marco Mameli

Ringrazio Carla Mollettina Cocco per avermi invitato e tutti gli amici che sono venuti apposta per sentirmi. Io mi sono divertito molto!

Foto: Marco Mameli

Thanx to Carla Mollettina Cocco for inviting me. And thanks to all the friends who came especially to hear me. I had a lot of fun!

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