30 aprile 2011

Cosa succedeva mentre io nascevo? Si costruivano elefanti elettrici.

Cosa succedeva mentre io nascevo (il primo maggio 1965)? La rivista Popular Science illustrava il cosiddetto Electrophant: "Mechanical elephant looks real. This bettery-driven elephant looks so much like the real thing that people have complained of its treatment. Built for a British ice show, it annoyed some to see it walk on ice. Guided by controls in the neck, it's powered by a one-hp., 50-volt motor with 30 walking speeds up to six m.p.h., can achieve a trot at 23 m.p.h. Frank Stuart, of London, who built a gasoline model 15 years ago, offers it for sale to amusement park. Its howdah (topside box) holds eight adults or 16 children."

Electric Elephant Source: Popular Science May 1965.

Original post: 1965 – “Electrophant” Mechanical Elephant – Frank Stuart (British) (cyberneticzoo.com)

More pictures: bitospud: Paul and Edith

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