26 maggio 2012

Una graphic novel dedicata alle cellule staminali (a story of stem cells from discovery to therapy)

Hope Beyond Hype stem cells cellule staminali Un fumetto di 16 pagine sulle cellule stminali. Una fonte di informazioni scientiche, storiche, etiche e social, che si scarica gratuitamente dal sito del progetto (per il momento è solo in inglese ma presto saranno disponibili le versioni in francese, italiano, spagnolo, tedesco) mentre la stampa è acquistabile nel sito della University of Edinburgh.
L'iniziativa è del consorzio europeo OptiStem.
I disegni sono di Edward Ross.
La sceneggiatura è di Ken Macleod.

Hope beyond hype

Hope Beyond Hype European stem cell research consortium OptiStem launched Hope Beyond Hype, a short educational comic that tells the story of stem cells from discovery to therapy. The comic starts with the true life story of two badly burned boys being treated with stem cell generated skin grafts in 1983. Whilst some of the story lines sound like science fiction they are in fact all true, despite the fact the script was written by the Science Fiction writer, Ken Macleod. Comic book artist Edward Ross illustrated the script with his clear, friendly and attractive artwork, whilst stem cell researchers from OptiStem provided the real-life examples of their research and experiences. OptiStem, a pan-European stem cell research project focused on muscle and epithelial disease, has produced this graphic story to help people engage with the process of moving basic stem cell research towards clinical trials and therapies.
The comic was produced by a team lead by Cathy Southworth (Optistem and EuroSyStem's Public Engagement, Outreach and Communications Manager) who works at the MRC Centre for Regenerative Medicine. She came up with the idea, recruited the team, showed us around the marvellous building in which the Centre is housed, introduced us to her colleagues, and arranged the immense privilege of an hour for us all with stem cell pioneer Professor Michele De Luca.

Andrea Mameli 26 maggio 2012 www.linguaggiomacchina.it

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